National Park w/ Hiking ( 5,5 hours )


If you are receiving this proposal it is because your adventurous spirit, lover of freedom and Nature is looking for a new channel where to manifest. The places where we will travel, at times in complete loneliness since they are remote, wild areas, of maximum purity added to the possibility of breathing pure air like few others, plus the almost null interference in terms of communications, radio, television, including our own Mind, they make this experience a real opportunity to transform, change and expand physically, mentally and emotionally.


We depart from the port towards the west to visit a pristine and wonderful place which became a national park in 1960.


Tour Itinerary


• First hike " COAST TRAIL"

                                                      ( Medium difficulty - Duration: 40 minutes )


We start the first hike at Ensenada Bay, taking part of the Shore trail while enjoying the awesome views of the Beagle Channel and its wildlife. At this point, it is possible to see the flag trees ( trees bent by the strong Pacific Ocean winds). From there it is possible to observe the Murray Channel which was crossed by Charles Darwin and Captain Fitz Roy in 1830 when they discovered the Beagle Channel and interacted with the natives. It is also possible to get up close to archeological sites of 8000 years old, where the natives used to build their shelters.


• Second hike " CAÑADON DEL TORO"

                                                                       ( Low difficulty - Duration: 30 minutes )


After hiking through the peacefull Andean forest with an amazing landscape of mountains we will get to a viewpoint to appreciate one of the cascades of Rio Pipo, melted water that comes from the glaciers that empties into the Beagle Channel.



                                                                            ( Low difficulty - Duration 20 minutes )


We head towards Roca Lake, where guests can take a peaceful and charming walk around part of the lake, and part of Lapataia River taking magnificent photos. After a short stroll, we will arrive at a coffee shop where you will be able to purchase hot chocolate and/or snacks while enjoying the panoramic view of the mountains, forest, and rivers. I suggest you bring at least $20 USD for a snack at this stop. 

 After our stop we will cross the Lapataia River, visiting the Cormoranes Archipelago, the Green Lagoon and the Ovando River.



                                                              ( Medium difficulty - Duration 40 minutes )


We will walk beyond the actual End of The World (end of Tthe Panamerican Highway), surrounding Lapataia Bay where we will have amazing views of the Darwin Range which has the highest mountains on the island with year-round snow caps on the peaks.


Next, you will experience a wonderful hike across the forest where we will observe impressive beaver dams. "If we are lucky, we may even spot a beaver or two."


Afterwards, we will arrive at the end of the trail from where you will breathe the freshest and purest air in the world while delighting in scenic views of the mountains, the forests, the snow and the sea.


    Finally, we will drive to Lapataia Bay, the end of the Panamerican Highway, where we will see the famous Alaskan mileage -marker sign before returning to the ship.





- National Park entrance fees

- Professional Local Guide ( English )

- Pick up and drop off at the Port Exit ( the tour starts about 1 hour after docking )


Not Included:


- Lunch

*** We suggest to take a bottle of water



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