It is required a deposit payable through PayPal within the last 6 months before the ship arrival.

It maybe paid by debit or  credit card at the time of booking

( Save the PayPal receipt ! )


You must present it to the tour guide along with the balance due prior to commencement of the tour.


- Balance:

                  Payable to the tour guide in (USD) high denominations of crisp, unmarked, newer bills cash on the day of the tour.


*****  We would appreciate the coordinator of the group collecting the money during the tour to present to the guide. ***** 


                                            PROCEDURE FOR PAYMENT


Follow these Steps:


1) Search the tour of your interest.

2) Press "Pre-Payment" menu to choose the number of people you are paying for.

3) Complete the required information:  "FULL NAMES /CABIN NUMBER / SHIP / DATE / ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIME."

4) Press  "Buy Now" button located at the below.

5) You will get into PayPal website. Press "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" it is free.

6) Choose the way of payment (credit/debit card or bank account)