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    Ken A. (jueves, 07 marzo 2019 14:35)

    We experienced a tour to Punto Tombo to see the Magellan Penguins. Our driver and guide provided a safe and comfortable journey. Our van departed while the cruise ship excursions were still boarding their large buses. We arrived enough ahead of the slow moving hoards to enjoy the penguins from the boardwalks without feeling like we were walking on a crowded sidewalk. The penguins are an amazing sight. We had enough time there to observe a variety of their behavior. When we make our next visit to Argentina we will look forward to traveling with Tour Guide Ushuaia.

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    Natalia St. (jueves, 17 enero 2019 18:29)

    We had a great time with your guide Gabriel in Ushuaia and hiking in the National park.
    The guide was knowledgeable and passionate and everything went smoothly.
    The scenery was beautiful and it was one of the highlights of our trip.
    It was great to be dropped off and picked up by a van, whilst doing the selected segments of the hikes, which were more picturesque and walkable. Thank you!!

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    Jennifer R. (jueves, 17 enero 2019 09:21)

    We chose the 5 1/2 hour tour of the park with short hikes and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were met at the port by Federico who was very knowledgeable, approachable and a very nice person and was very patient with one of our party who was slower. We would definitely recommend this tour.
    We also appreciated the company not charging us for two of our party who were unable to accompany us with no notice.

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    Nic C. (sábado, 29 diciembre 2018 04:12)

    We used Tour Guide Ushuaia for our recent excursion in Ushuaia.
    This was a group of approximately 24 passengers from a cruise ship.
    We were provided 2 vans for the group with a driver and guide.1
    Our guide was Gabriel who was intimately familiar with the history, topography, culture and wildlife and fauna in the area.
    The first 1/2 of the day we traveled to Tierra Del Fuego National Park.
    Gabriel did an excellent job bringing us to the scenic places and explaining the area to us. Only half of us took the full day tour - during that excursion we first went to an restaurant outside of town where we were served an all you can eat lamb lunch.
    The lamb was cooked outdoors in an open pit ... it was so mild it almost tasted like veal. Then we drove to a few lakes and scenic outlooks.
    I could highly recommend their services ... their prices were reasonable and well worth the cos

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    Craig S. (sábado, 29 diciembre 2018 04:10)

    I organised well in advance with Edgar a port call visit for two small groups to tour the Tierra del Fuego National Park on the day our cruise ship docked at Ushuaia. The tour included beautiful walks along the lakes and through the beech forests, even if we literally saw four seasons in one day! Our guide Gabriel was very knowledgeable, pleasant and generous with his explanations of history, customs, society as well as the flora and fauna of this very special region at the end of the world. We saw incredible scenery and gorgeous wildlife. Communication with Edgar was always prompt and clear via email. I highly recommend tourguideushuaia because this tour went above my expectations.

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    Jerry G. (viernes, 28 diciembre 2018 19:18)

    We used Tour Guide Ushuaia for our recent excursion in Ushuaia.
    This was a group of approximately 24 passengers from a cruise ship.
    We were provided 2 vans for the group with a driver and guide.
    Our guide was Gabriel who was intimately familiar with the history, geography, culture, wildlife and fauna in the area.
    The first 1/2 of the day we traveled to Tierra Del Fuego National Park.
    Gabriel did an excellent job bringing us to the scenic places and explaining the area to us. Only half of us took the full day tour - during that excursion we first went to an restaurant outside of town where we were served an all you can eat lamb lunch. The lamb was cooked outdoors in an open pit ... it was so mild it almost tasted like veal.
    Then we drove to a few lakes and scenic outlooks.
    I could highly recommend their services ... their prices were reasonable and well worth the cost.

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    George N. (martes, 31 julio 2018 06:15)

    We had a great tour that was arranged through our roll call last January. We had several tours with them. They were all good.
    In Montevideo we booked the city tour with BBQ lunch. The city tour part was fine, our guide took us to all the famous or picturesque sites, kind of a typical city tour.
    The really wonderful part was the BBQ lunch. This was held in the home of the guide and was a traditional Uruguayan BBQ done in his back patio on a large charcoal grill that could be lowered and raised as needed. His brother, I think did the barbequeing while he and his wife fixed the other parts. His son and college age daughter also helped with serving.
    Usually I believe people ate at a table in the yard, but it was a little damp that day so we ate in their dining room. Wonderful food; steak, lamb, brats, chicken for sure and also grilled veggies of different types, all in a lovely home style atmosphere, including wine, dessert, salad, etc.
    The best part was interacting with the delightful family, seeing how people actually live--they had a lovely townhome-style house and we were especially lucky to talk the daughter into singing and playing the guitar.
    The cost was around $85 pp--the cost went down according to the number of people who took the tour; we had the max of 17. I will always remember Montevideo fondly because of this family.

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    Tioga C. (sábado, 21 julio 2018 08:08)

    Just back as of last Sunday from Zaandam BsAs to San Antonio. Great trip.
    A group of 9 from our RollCall booked Tierra del Fuego with Edgardo and we had an excellent trip. I would book them again in a heartbeat. Gaston, our assigned guide, was knowledgeable and friendly and planned our walks when the busses were not there (so it was only our small group on the trail).

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    Valerie C. (jueves, 15 marzo 2018 14:48)

    We arranged our tour for 3 couples through Edgar. We met our guide Gabriel at the cruise port and headed out for the tour of Tierra del Fuego. The enthusiasm shown by Gabriel was obvious as he shared about this beautiful location. We enjoyed the hikes through the park as they took us to some of the most amazing scenery. It was a wonderful day.

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    Dave (lunes, 19 febrero 2018 17:21)

    We were just there last week on Princess Cruises. We had a very knowledgeable guide who led us on a hike in the woods and identified the various flowers/trees/plants native to this isolated part of the world. He was entertaining and kept us on schedule. He explained the process for getting our passports stamped at the little post office at the end of the world.
    Great trip!!!

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    Steven G. (lunes, 19 febrero 2018 17:16)

    i worked with edgar and agreed on a program for a day trip to tierra del fuego national park. my guide was gabriel and he knew his stuff. walked about 18 km and saw quite alot. would definately call again next time im in ushuaia.

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    Henry H. (lunes, 19 febrero 2018 17:01)

    Edgar arranged our small group tour of Tierra del Fuego National Park. Our tour guide Juan met us as arranged at our port stop in Ushuaia. We enjoyed a wonderful drive and several short hikes through the forests of the park. Juan was very knowledgeable about the plants, animal, and birds, and made sure he pointed them out during our excursions. This was a wonderful exposure to the region at the End of the World! When we were dropped off in town at the end of the tour, Juan also pointed out a resturant where we enjoyed dining on the local Fuegian king crab. Wonderful tour in Ushuaia.

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    Michele N. (viernes, 02 febrero 2018 10:31)

    We just returned from a cruise "Around the Horn" from Santiago to Buenos Aires. We used Edgar with Tour Guides Ushuaia in both Porto Montt, Chile where we hiked and visited beautiful waterfalls, lakes and a volcano, and in Ushuaia where we had an amazing day at the Tierra del Fuego National Park. It was very easy to arrange the tours with him, his communication was excellent, and the guides were great. We especially enjoyed our guide Gaston's thorough knowledge and enthusiasm in Ushuaia. The prices for these tours were very reasonable and the guides were prompt to meet us at the pier in both ports.
    I highly recommend these tours.

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    Charlotte G. (domingo, 28 enero 2018 06:18)

    We just enjoyed several excellent tours with Edgar's team, at Usuhaia, Punta Arenas and Punta del Este. Some others also worked with him at Montevideo. They were all excellent but I particularly enjoyed Ushuaia, and getting outdoors. The tour there featured walks in the National Parks and a really good overview from our extremely knowledgeable guide. If you need a break from the crowds on a cruise ship and some time in nature, I thoroughly recommend Edgar's operation

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    Dave G. (jueves, 11 enero 2018 08:14)

    We were just there last week on Princess Cruises. We had a very knowledgeable guide who led us on a hike in the woods and identified the various flowers/trees/plants native to this isolated part of the world. He was entertaining and kept us on schedule. He explained the process for getting our passports stamped at the little post office at the end of the world.
    Great trip!!!

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    Maree M. (miércoles, 03 enero 2018 23:02)

    We were a group of 6 and scheduled 3 separate tours with The Ushuaia tour was discounted 10 percent since we had 3 tours scheduled. The guides for all of the tours spoke excellent English. They were all extremely knowledgeable with respect to the history and nature of their locations. The tours were well planned, vans were well sized and very comfortable. In every case the guides adjusted the tours to our needs and desires and each of the tours exceed all of our expectations. I highly recommend using Edgar's agency. I am confident that you will pleased with this company.

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    Jack C. (martes, 19 diciembre 2017 20:02)

    We just (Dec 15 2017)had a wonderful experience with Tour Guide Ushuaia for National Park Tour, organized by a fellow passenger on Celebrity Infinity. Pre tour communications (info, pricing, payment, follow-up etc) by Edgar were professional and useful. Our tour guide was an expert (with excellent english) and modified the itinerary on the fly to avoid the huge tour buses from ship tours. We still saw all promised highlights plus a handful more and without fighting crowds at viewpoints. Guide and driver were great team. We compared experiences with other passengers and this is clearly the best deal available.

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    Tom F. (domingo, 17 diciembre 2017 17:37)

    We were very happy with the tour that Coco provided. He was very knowledgeable, personable and tailored the tour to facilitate the groups needs and desires. It was a top notch experience and I am planning to refer your agency to some others who will be sailing Seaborn later this season.
    Our tour with “Flash” was also great. He too was very accommodating, spoke excellent English and provide interesting history and facts throughout the entire tour. He also tried to accommodate all of the group’s needs.

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    Janet I. (jueves, 07 diciembre 2017 08:05)

    I did a National Park tour with Edgar's company a couple of weeks ago. His communication beforehand was excellent. We stopped at a few places of interest that were good photo opps, and a stop at a large cafe for a refreshment and comfort break was very welcome. I got my passport stamped Tierra del Fuego there. Unfortunately when we got to the End of The World Post Office where I'd hoped to get it stamped (having remembered to retrieve it from the ship's Front Desk where they held everyone's passports) it was closed. Not unusual, apparently. Our guide was very knowledgeable and his English was fine.

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    Robert P. (martes, 02 mayo 2017 20:10)

    Very much enjoyed this tour in April. The guide was very informative and driver also good. Vehicle was suitable for our needs. The scenery was amazing and enough time to take pictures. We chose not to go to the prison museum which was extra cost and something we were not really interested in and so walked through the town instead.
    Communication from Edgar regarding booking also excellent.

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    Mike L. (miércoles, 29 marzo 2017 17:11)

    We arrived on a cruise ship and the tendering got us off the ship late. Juan was still there to greet us and showed us a fabulous time in Terra del Fuego National Park. We stopped at three different sites to hike. This is a very beautiful area of the world. Juan did something special at 2 beautiful spots he asked everyone to stop taking pictures and just relax and enjoy the view for one minute. Wow was it relaxing to see everyone just relax. Great job Juan!

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    Kim A. (miércoles, 29 marzo 2017 17:10)

    Thank you Edgar for the utmost incredible day of trekking through Tierra del Fuego and the end of the world.
    We were met promptly at our cruise ship and started our tour immediately.
    This was not to be missed the sights, sounds and air was so very pure.
    Everything was explained in detail. It led to a very thorough tour.
    This should be a must do for anyone visiting Ushuaia!!!

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    Ilya A. (miércoles, 29 marzo 2017 17:05)

    We had this tour in February 2017 with group of 16 people from our cruise ship. The guide Hebert was wonderful - informative and friendly. The tour took us through the main points of Montevideo and finished with BBQ in backyard of Hebert's home. The food was delicious, but most of the food we remember the unique cordial atmosphere created by whole lively Hebert's family - his wife and two daughters. We felt like dear invited guests to the family BBQ, not like customers. As organizer of the group I received after the tour a lot of gratitudes from my shipmates. I recommend warmly this tour to everyone!

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    Susan G. (miércoles, 29 marzo 2017 17:02)

    Great tour with Edgar to the National Park. Gave us great information while riding on the bus. We were given a choice of walking for a while or remain on the bus to meet the walkers at a different point. Very enjoyable tour, highly recommended,
    Sue Wayne and Judy

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    J. Merrill (lunes, 06 marzo 2017 09:25)

    Normally my wife and I do only private tours, but because of our late cruise booking, our only option was a group tour with 8 individuals The tour was very nice and scenic. Our guide was well versed in local knowledge and was very informative,professional and courteous. We were late getting off the ship due to "tender" issues, but the guide and driver did their best to complete the tour on time and to get us back to the pier for the tender ride back to the ship. There was a series of 3 hikes, but none I would label strenuous. The guide gave us the option for an extended hike at the last stop on the tour, for those who wanted to do so instead of going to the post office. Very satisfied with the pre-cruise communication and the actual tour. I would recommend Ushu Transandino for anyone traveling to this area of the world.

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    N. Milns (lunes, 06 marzo 2017 09:22)

    Very efficient and well organised Post Cruise tour incorporating Vina Del Mar, Valparaiso then Santiago town with guest drop offs at both hotels and airport as required.

    English speaking tour guide with great local knowledge and experienced driver who always managed to find the best parking places and who ensured all our luggage remained safe during the trip

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    Graeme M. (martes, 07 febrero 2017 15:33)

    We booked our Ushuaia and Montevideo tours with Edgar well in advance of our January cruise around South America. Edgar was very quick to respond to our requests and kept our group organized with updated lists and prices as our tour group grew larger or smaller. We booked the 4 hour tour to Tierra Del Fuego in Ushuaia and were assigned Gabriel as our guide. His English was very good and he and the driver took great care looking after us. The tour included very short and easy walks in the National Park. Our guide, Herbert, in Montevideo was also excellent. We had booked the 5 hour City & BBQ tour. Little did we know that the BBQ portion of the tour would actually be at his home. The menu was prepared by Herbert, his wife and daughter and the food and wines were amazing. We could not have asked for a better spent afternoon.

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    Ruth Ch. (miércoles, 01 febrero 2017 17:53)

    Dear Edgar,
    I personally would like to thank you for making our experience a fantastic one. Gabriel, Hebert, Elisabet were all wonderful! I also appreciate your excellent organization and generosity toward myself and my husband.

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    Martin F. (miércoles, 25 enero 2017 18:37)

    We had a day in Ushuaia while cruising South American ports and booked this tour with Edgar. Our guide Adriana was quite worldly herself having lived in Australia and learned to speak excellent English. She explained the sights and answered all our questions. We went to the post office at the end of the world and walked through the National Park.

    We really enjoyed the tour and highly recommend it to anyone travelling in Ushuaia. Edgar was wonderful to deal with and gave us helpful advice when we booked the tour.

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    Eloise K. (martes, 24 enero 2017 16:16)

    We visited the park, during a cruise ship stop Edgar responded to all emails promptly and gave clear meeting instructions. Our guide, Juan, was very informative and spoke English well. We very much enjoyed our tour.

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    Mary H. (martes, 24 enero 2017 14:58)

    One word only - fantastic!
    Your guides and drivers were knowledgeable, professional and courteous.
    It was an amazing experience. The two trips that we booked, were by far the best experiences we encountered.
    My only regret is that I didn't book more tours with your company!
    If I ever have the opportunity to visit South America again, I will be in touch.
    Meanwhile if I know of anyone who is planning this trip, I will advise them of your services.
    Thank you so much for inquiring.

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    J. Cayce (domingo, 25 diciembre 2016 22:21)

    We booked a tour to the National Park while in port on a cruise. We were met by Juan and he gave us a great tour of the area. He is very into the nature of the area and made the visit very interesting. My wife is handicapped and he was very helpful in making sure she could participate to...

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    P. Ein (domingo, 25 diciembre 2016 22:20)

    We booked a tour as we were in Ushuaia on a cruise. Edgar sent an excellent guide, Juan, who made the tour to the National Park a memorable experience. Thanks to him and to Edgar for providing this excellent tour!

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    r09travel (lunes, 16 mayo 2016 20:20)

    Very pleased with tour experience. Edgar was easy and clear to communicate with; addressed all questions and left nothing to doubt. Tour guide Gabriel did a superb job. His English was not only strong, but it was technically deep as well, including a large number of words in the scientific and technical realm as they related to the geography, flora, and fauna of the region. Gabriel and his driver met us flawlessly at the port, and took us on a memorable tour of the harbor, the town, and then the region, including its a number of its breathtaking vistas.

    Photographs simply do not do this region any justice; the place is gorgeous. Bring a waterproof rain parka to keep the ever-present drizzle off, but otherwise, don't be bothered by any weather conditions; they will likely change within an hour or so. Although, it will almost certainly remain pretty cold, no matter the month.

    Ushuaia, while definitely a beautiful place, is wrapped in the veneer of an extremely expensive tourist town, targeted for the wealthy jet-set who have the place on their to-do list. Be rightfully wary of that fact when you visit, and be especially judicious before laying your money out against the first things you see. Be especially selective; there are other shops, and indeed, other towns, that will present better value for your money. However, definitely don't avoid Ushuaia: here nature, though, is the undisputed star. Tierra del Fuego National Park, Lapataia River and Bay, Roca Lake, Ensenada Bay; they are all must-sees.

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    Reebster (lunes, 16 mayo 2016 20:11)

    I wanted to see a few very specific attractions during my way-too-short cruise stop, but Edgar offered a tour package that checked off all of the items on my list. I found some friends online to help offset the cost of the tour. It was absolutely worth it. The guide was smart and able to answer all of our questions. He hit every high point and had us back in plenty of time. I would definitely book through here again.

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    K. Gillam (domingo, 24 abril 2016 19:14)

    We all enjoyed our tour in Ushuaia. It is a beautiful area. Our guide and driver were excellent - they did a great job getting us to each area before the large cruise ship buses arrived. We wouldn't have been able to experience the peacefulness of the park had we arrived at the same time as a bus-load of people. The tour guide was patient and very informative.

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    Norman K. (domingo, 24 abril 2016 19:14)

    The Tour we took with Edgar Tour group 3/19,2016 was excellent and his employees did a great job. The van was comfortable, everyone was on time, the driver was very careful. Our tour guide (sorry, I do not remember his name} spoke clearly and loudly and his English is excellent. He provided us with information about the city, current events, environmental concerns as well as the hot topics of tourist gossip and information. The trip into the park was quick followed by many great photo opportunities. In weather started out with a little drizzle but then cleared up to a cool and eventually dry day. The lunch (not included) with bathroom break was well timed. The Gift Shop at the lunch stop was WAY over priced. The trip to the Post Office at the End of the Earth was a treat. We were also well taken care of in town where the guide happily helped us find a reputable money changer and then accommodated our different small group needs and let us off the van to go our separate ways. We had plenty of time to tour the city and to do some quality shopping. Edgar is a dedicated business owner and followed up on our tour experience. I would highly recommend this company and definitely want to thank our fellow passengers Barbara and Norm for their extensive research on Cruise Critic and and for sharing with us this excellent company.

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    Jigger B. (miércoles, 13 abril 2016 21:39)

    What a find! We used Edgar's services in Montevideo (City Tour & BBQ) and in Ushuaia (we had four full vans for the Half day trip to Tierra del Fuego National Park).
    His communication is tops - price more than fair - the guides were great and the vehicles comfortable. You will not do better.
    A note about our Montevideo City Tour and BBQ. DO IT...we are all still talking about what a great day this was. Our guide, Herbert, and his family are the most gracious hosts and the meal was about the best we had the entire cruise. Plus, on the way back to the ship, Herbert took us to a local wine store where we all loaded up on wines to bring back on board (Tannat, one of the wines he served, was a whopping $6 a bottle).

    Thanks again!

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    Susan R. (jueves, 03 marzo 2016 20:28)

    Our tour in Ushuaia was wonderful. Our tour guide/driver was knowledgeable and we all were very impressed with the tour.
    I will recommend your company to my friends.

    Our tour in Montevideo was also wonderful. Our guide, Alicia was great. Best of all, was the barbecue we attended. We didn't expect to go to a private home.
    We just loved it. The family was so welcoming like we were long lost relatives. The food was delicious and there was more than enough. Everyone agreed that this was the best afternoon.
    Again,, I will highly recommend your company. Thank you

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    Guy and Maria (jueves, 03 marzo 2016 20:12)

    Just returned from our Celebrity Infinity cruise to Antarctica with a stop in Ushuaia on Feb 18, 2016. With Edgar's help we got a group of 13 of us from our CC thread to do the visit to the Tierra del Fuego National Park with Hiking. It's Option #3 for Ushuaia on their web site.

    Our guide, Gaston, was very knowledgeable and spoke excellent English. He was a generous guide, sharing all kinds of interesting information about the location, history, fauna and flora. Our driver, and I could kick myself for forgetting his name, was also very knowledgeable and his English was also excellent. How often does this happen? They were great.

    The place is beautiful, the air a pleasure to breathe, the ground is mostly soft and flat and the hikes are broken up into three segments, and the leisurely walking is at the speed of the slowest in the group so there's not any short breathness at all. There are a few spots, I think three short spots, where you have to do a bit of climbing over rocks in inclined ground. In our group only one lady needed help with those and Gaston was there to provide it. I think we all felt grateful to not have physical limitations that would have prevented us from enjoying this mostly secluded walk in the woods. Still, we're in our 70's with knee replacements and more than a few pounds overweight.

    We were mostly on our own, away from the hordes of bused cruise ship passengers. We saw a fuegian red fox, a pair of enormous Magellanic woodpeckers, the big show-off male with its red head who pecked away for the benefit of our cameras until we eventually just moved on, and lots of other birds, ducks and geese.

    The weather was cool to chilly, layers worked well, we got some light rain. My light rain jacket was perfect for it. I took it off and put it away in my backpack when I didn't need it.

    On the way back to the ship most of us asked to be dropped off in the "downtown" area for a bit of sight seeing/shopping on our own.

    Finally, do not, for any reason, miss doing this: Drink a cup of hot chocolate that you will never, ever forget. We drank ours at the Laguna Negra, but I suspect any of those chocolaterias on that street must serve this most outstanding and delicious hot chocolotate. (And it will cost you less than $3 USD! - ridiculous.)

    All in all, a day doesn't get much more perfect than that.

    Thank you, Edgar!

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    Johanna, CA (jueves, 18 febrero 2016 21:09)

    If you're looking to spend an enjoyable, informative and fun day in lovely Tierra del Fuego National Park in Ushuaia, Edgar is your man. We had a very enlightening day with him. He's extremely personable, knowledgeable and interesting and made the time we spent together very special. We highly recommend him and know you'll appreciate his expertise as did we.

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    A. Dushant (jueves, 14 enero 2016 20:07)

    Thank you so much for all the tours you arranged for us. All 3 ports were fantastic. The tour guides were great and showed up on time.
    Montevideo tour guide was fantastic and his BBQ at his home was delicious and the family was very courteous and made us feel at home.
    Over all great tours and thank you for your good service. I have recommended you to our friends to consider your tour company.

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    P. Ansley (lunes, 11 enero 2016 20:16)

    From the start emails with Edgar were easy and returned promptly. As our initial group of 6 or so grew to almost 20 while we onboard NCL Sun Edgar was eager to please us. He added a van to our bus so that he could accommodate a wheelchair and scooter.

    We were met as notified and quickly boarded our waiting vehicles. Edgar is a good English speaker and shared lots of information about his county and Ushuaia with us.

    Our tour included a viewpoint near the airport, city tour, National Park with stops at the End of the Pan-Am road and the Southern most Post Office & Lighthouse. We took a short but powerfully beautiful walk on an easy pathway in the park. The tour end with Edgar guiding us in the Prison Museum then dropping some pax in town to shop and returning others to the cruise dock.

    A very enjoyable day and a super value compared to similar tours from the ship.

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    C. Thorpe (lunes, 16 marzo 2015 20:34)

    Loved it! 5 star and Juan was fanastic. Going to send detail email when I get home in a few weeks.
    Again great to work with you and the tour was wonderful

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    P. Harper (lunes, 16 marzo 2015 20:30)

    We definitely enjoyed the experience and will certainly recommend your company to those visiting your area. Service was excellent.

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    N. Genesius (lunes, 09 marzo 2015 16:39)

    Sergio was very good. We enjoyed the tour very much.
    He was very professional and knowledgeable and we would recommend his tour on cruise critic.
    Thank you

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    L. & B. Kay (domingo, 08 marzo 2015 18:45)

    Hello Edgardo, I would just like to let you know briefly that Barry and I really enjoy our tour. Our guide Sergio and Alberto the driver were wonderful and I'd do not know of any improvements. The guide had great knowledge and we loved our gentle hike through the park. Also appreciated the water. Thank you so much.

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    C & M Fee (domingo, 08 marzo 2015 18:39)

    We had a really enjoyable tour of Tierra Del Fuego with your company. Our driver was Juan and he was a friendly, informative guide who did all he could to make our trip memorable. We would wholeheartedly recommend both your company and your guide as our experience in Ushuaia was excellent.

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    E. Gottlich (domingo, 01 marzo 2015 10:01)

    The tour exceeded my expectations. I was very pleased with the guide and the itinery. I would not change a thing
    Thank you for making my stay in Ushuaia so enjoyable

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    J. Ramsay (domingo, 01 marzo 2015 09:57)

    We were in the right van and had a great guide and a wonderful trip. We greatly enjoyed the whole trip and would be ready to recommend it to anyone that I know is going that way.
    Thank you for a wonderful tour of your great country.



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