Our exclusive and personalized service will ensure you enjoy the tours while avoiding the busloads of tourists that are expected to arrive and avoid shooting photos through the windows as in large buses. 


We provide a high-quality service that includes TRANSPORTATION in comfortable vehicles, a driver and a PROFESSIONAL TOUR GUIDE and INSURANCE POLICIES. 


We have a team of TOUR GUIDES fluent in ENGLISH with a successful track record at every port.


In case you are interested in booking a tour, contact us please and you will receive your personalized itinerary with your assigned tour guide.


All the vans can accommodate up to 17 people plus the guide and the driver.


                                            PRIVATE TOUR   

You can choose to do a private tour for your group with a van/vans and a TOUR GUIDE exclusively for you.




                                            SHARED TOUR 

If you choose this option, you and I will work together to fill up the vans.

The aim of a SHARED TOUR is to offer you a high-level of service while keeping your rate lower.





 All the services we offer are spoken in ENGLISH.








    --------------------------     CHANGES     -----------------------------


ALL changes in your itinerary ( arrival date/hour, the number of people) must be requested at least 10 days prior to the scheduled date. In case of a late notice, we do not guarantee our availability for the changes requested.





                    -----------------Warning !!-----------------


Usually, when cruise ships arrive at the ports, there are many people offering tours at the port exit. Do not accept their tours since most of them work illegally and many times they have problems with rangers and police controls.


Only professional guides and authorized vans are allowed to work in tourism. That is the reason why it is very important that you are accompanied by your assigned guide. 










***CONSULT FOR SMALL VEHICLES ( vans, mini vans and cars )***