From El Calafate to the Perito Moreno Glacier there is a distance of 80 km, by asphalt road in its entirety.


From the beginning, the trip holds pleasant surprises. Leaving the town, to the right we can see Lake Argentino with its Redonda Bay.


In it you can see an important variety of birds, highlighting the black-necked swan, flamingo, steam duck, coot, cauquén. The yellow color of the field stands out, this is due to its grasses called coirón, and among them stands out, the white and petiso coirón.


In the first 40 km, the Patagonian steppe is crossed, passing later to the entrance of the National Park to observe the arboreal vegetation belonging mostly to the “notofagus” family (ñires, sour cherries, lengas) and one or another canelo, and flowers of various colors, among which the notro stands out for its intense red color corresponding to the Andean Patagonian Forest.


Arrival at “the curve of the susperios” called in this way because it is the first point from where we have a panoramic view of the Perito Moreno Glacier.


Brief stop to take pictures and continue to Puerto Bajo las Sombras.


Here there is the possibility of adding the Navigation through the southern arm of the Canal de los Témpanos to have different views of the wall of the Perito Moreno Glacier. (Duration: 1 hour)


Back at the Port, we go to the Footbridges where we will have a service sector for visitors and a system of balconies and footbridges that allow walks through different routes and access to different truly incredible views of the Glacier and its proximity.


After some free time for walks and lunch (optional), the return to El Calafate begins.



Frequency: All year

Duration: 8 hours

Departures: Daily, from hotels

Additional charges: Entrance to the National Park

Modality: Regular/Private




Clothing: It is convenient to wear comfortable shoes and warm clothes (sweater, sweatshirt and windbreaker and/or waterproof jacket). Sunglasses, protective cream and gloves. Also hat for sun or coat in case it is very cold.


Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in the National Park, it is only allowed in the parking areas.