Walk alongside thousands of magellanic penguins on isla Magdalena and observe the diverse fauna of isla Marta. 

We sail across the Strait of Magellan to the Magdalena and Marta Islands.

Magdalena  Island receives more than 60,000 penguins each year and Marta Island is home for more  than 1,500 sea lions.

We start this adventure, after checking in at our office, we go to  Laredo Bay in a transfer, to get the speedboats for for 45 minutes to Magdalena Island,  where we land for 1 hour with our guide to know the natural habitat of the Magellanic Penguins, which is one of one of the largest colonies in Chile.

We continue our journey to Marta  Island (if the weather conditions are good) to see sea lions, imperial cormorants, Antarctic  Terns and hundreds of Dolphin Gull, if we are lucky we can also see Southern Dolphins, Pie bald Dolphin and Sei Whales.

Then return to the pier and to Punta Arenas.




We sail every day in a regular service subject to weather conditions.

The Presentation time is at 10:00 AM in our office upon reservation and the return time is at 15:00 PM in the city.





  • Coffee service 
  • Bilingual guide (English / Spanish) 
  • Entrance fee to Natural Monument “Los Pingüinos” (Magdalena Island) 
  • Transfer from our office to the port of embarkation.
  • Navigation to the Magdalena & Marta islands.



PRICE:  USD 132 per person