Devil’s Throat Circuit

Indescribable for its beauty and energy that moves everyone, it offers an impressive mix of noise and landscapes. Safety pin.

Difficulty: no stairs.


Superior Circuit

Access to magnificent panoramic views of the falls and the Iguazú Rive:r delta formed by a set of leafy islands.

Difficulty: no stairs.


Lower Circuit:

A set of strategically designed walkways that allow the most diverse views of the Falls and an intimate encounter with the waterfalls and enchanting corners of the jungle.

Difficulty High: with stairs.







Located within the Iguaçu National Park, 25 km from the center of Foz do Iguaçu (BR). 

The Park occupies an area of 175,000 hectares. There you will be surprised with the care, beauty and enormity of it, which is home to countless species of animals and plants. Nature will welcome you with friendly butterflies that are displayed in your flight and will delight you with their colors.

Given that 80% of the falls are on the Argentine side, the Brazilian Park has a single walkway of approximately 1,000 meters, from where you can enjoy the different panoramic views. At the end of it, in front of the Floriano waterfall, there is a viewpoint that can be accessed through an elevator, from which you get one of the most impressive views of the Falls.


Optional lunch, not included.

For all excursions we recommend bringing insect repellent, slippers and comfortable clothing.


Important: Consult the necessary documentation to cross the border.





        19 SEATER VANS.


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