OPTION Nº 3   



( 6 / 7 hours )                  


 ***We require a minimum of 15 passengers***




Estancia Olga Teresa dates back to 1920 and is still owned by members of the original owner’s family and is located approximately 49 miles to the Northwest of Punta Arenas in the charming community of Rio Verde.  The estancia offers visitors the opportunity to get to know about the Patagonian and "huaso" daily life and a bit about the history of the people from the Chilean Patagonia.


Upon arrival to the farm, be greeted by the charming owner/family and taken on a tour that highlights various activities of the farm.  Watch out for the amazing kelpie dog, who always entertains visitors with his speed and agility. A demonstration of sheep shearing will then be given in a barn. 


A Pisco Sour drink will be served with delicious baked empanadas, prior to a typical barbecue luncheon of Patagonian lamb, grilled slowly for hours on stakes around the fire. There will of course be no shortage of good Chilean red wine and soft drinks to accompany the luncheon.


OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES "Not included in the rate"

1- Visit a Condors colony: this is the largest condors colony in Chilean Patagonia which hosts an avarage of 50 condors during the year.


There is a walk of only 500 meters of flat land until we reach below the rock wall that serves as a roost for the condors. Researches will show then the condors using a powerful telescope. In addition, the project of preservation and research of condors lends the visitors a pair of professional quality binoculars.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: In case there is a last minute cancellation of the ship the 80 % of the deposit of the tour is NON REFUNDABLE. 






 - Estancia Olga Teresa


- Shearing show


- Lunch: barbecue with empanadas, Patagonian lamb and Pisco Sour


- Professional Local Guide (English).




**Optional activities:


- Condors watching "minimum 15 people" USD 35 per person


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